Mim Hendricks passed away on Sunday 20th September 2020 after several years of declining health.

Mim had been a stalwart of Westleton Village Hall and member of the hall committee for many years until she retired towards the end of 2013. I got to know her when I joined the hall trustees in 2004.

The village hall was a very important part of Mim’s life and without her hard work the hall would not have been as successful as it was. And without her contribution the hall would not be the important part of Westleton community life that it is today. She played an important role in laying the foundations for the hall’s present success.

Mim looked after all the bookings, was the key holder and prime means of access to users. She ran the annual Table Top Sale and took charge of all the catering during the annual Exhibition and Wild Flower Festival. As well as all this she also did all the cleaning and it was not unusual for her to work long into the night after evening events.

I also found her very helpful personally. When I joined the committee, I was very new to the hall and the, sometimes, strange ways of Westleton. She was always ready with advice, she put me on the right path when I didn’t understand how things should be done, she helped me understand the idiosyncrasies of various colleagues and put those colleagues right when they didn’t understand mine.

As well as her work with the Village Hall she also instigated and ran the Youth Club and was a staunch WI member running the supper club for many years. Mim also served on Westleton Parish Council.

Mim’s contribution to Westleton was considerable.

Thank you, Mim.

John Bebbington

Former Secretary to Westleton Village Hall Trustees

Mim photo