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Trustees & Friends Of The Hall

Westleton Village Hall Trustees 2019 - 2020

Westleton Village Hall is run by the Trustees of the Charity. The committee can have 5 elected trustees, up to 3 appointed trustees and one nominated trustee per organisation using the hall. Each post will be held for three years. The Westleton archivist will automatically be a trustee for as long as they remain in post.

Office Held

Ken McGladrie



Irene Bews



Fiona Ireland

Art Group

Minutes Secretary

Antony Clough

Parish Council

Dilys Halls

Archives & Westleton Gardeners

Margaret Branton

Carpet Bowls

Nick Santon


John Shepherd


Liz Barton


Booking Secretary

To contact the Trustees please see the contact page and use the online form. 

Friends of Westleton Village Hall In addition to the Trustees there are many Friends and Supporters of the Village Hall. Friends are people who help with and support community events in the Hall and help out with the many tasks necessary in maintaining Hall. If you would like to help out in any way please contact